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ribeye roll
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The ribeye is one of the most highly prized cuts on the steer – renowned for its blend of bold, beefy flavor and excellent tenderness. Ribeye rolls can be roasted whole or as sections, or sliced into boneless ribeye steaks.

Meat from the ribeye needs no sauce to be delicious. It’s often served simply seasoned with salt & pepper, though sometimes horseradish cream is served as an accompaniment or rubs are applied prior to cooking.

Numbers are typically included in the specs to designate how much surface fat & less desirable lip meat is included with the cut. These are sold “0x0,” meaning that they’ve been trimmed down to the best part of the ribeye (spinalis on, cap off). They’re ready to season & roast or slice into top quality ribeye steaks.

Applications: Roast Whole or as Portions, or Slice into Ribeye Steaks.



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