Chef Ready New Zealand Lamb

Chef Ready = 100% Yields, 0% Waste or Prep

Each piece in the Ovation Chef Ready Lamb program is hand selected for quality, expertly butchered for 100% yields, and hand weighed for exact grading. If it’s off weight, it’s out of the program.

Aged - We Take the Time Other Producers Won’t

We’ve discovered that aging for a full 96 hours before blast freezing brings lamb to the pinnacle of tenderness & flavor, a difference you can taste.

Raised Responsibly, Raised Right

Ovation Lamb is 100% grass-fed, free range on pristine New Zealand pasture. It is free from antibiotics, added hormones, and GMOs.

Certified Halal

Chef Ready Weight-Ranged Portions:

  • 8-Rib Frenched Racks
    • 14-16oz
    • 16-18oz
    • 20-22oz
    • 22-24oz
    • 24-26oz
  • 4-Rib Frenched Half-Racks
    • 10oz
    • 12oz
  • Tenderloins
  • Boneless Striploins
    • 8-10oz
    • 10-12oz
  • 4.2-5lb Bone-In Legs
  • Boneless Legs
  • 12-14oz Foreshanks
  • Hindshanks
    • 16-18oz
    • 18-20oz


  • Trim 80CL
  • Boneless Shoulders (85 CL)