Exotic Meats


Alligator tail meat is white meat with a flaky, tender texture and a flavor somewhere between chicken, frog, and turtle. Alligator body & leg meat has a stronger flavor more reminiscent of mackerel.

This meat is from alligators wild caught or farmed in Louisiana, depending on season and availability.

available cuts:
  • Tenderloin Tail Meat
  • Sirloin Tail Meat
  • Smoked Andouille Sausage

The flavor of turtle meat varies with its location on the animal and the preparation method, ranging from evoking beef or veal to being more potent & reminiscent of fish. It’s most often used in gumbos & soups.

This turtle meat is from fresh water snapping turtles wild-caught in either Iowa or Georgia.

available cuts:
  • Boneless Meat