guide to venison cuts

venison 8-rib frenched racks

venison frenched rack
venison loin section

Cut from the saddle, the rack is one of the most prized venison cuts because it is flavorful, tender, and bone-in for a more elegant presentation.

These racks are sold Frenched, meaning that the bones have been scraped clean of meat & connective tissue so they stand out from the body of the meat. The result is a gorgeous cut that can be roasted whole or easily sliced into bone-in venison chops for searing or grilling.

Boneless loins are sold with some of the membranes (silver skin) still attached, so chefs will want to use a boning knife to remove the silver skin prior to roasting or slicing.

If the rib bones start to darken too much while roasting, you can wrap them in foil to help insulate them.

Applications: Roast Whole or as Portions, or Slice into Bone-In Chops.



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