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venison denver legs
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Venison Denver legs are whole hind legs that have been deboned and had their muscles separated (into 7 or 8 pieces). This cut offers full flavor at an excellent price and remarkably good yields (85% as roasts or medallions with 11-12% usable trim that can be used in ground or stir fry applications).

Because of the high standards Silver Fern Farms New Zealand Venison is held to, Denver leg muscles are far more tender than leg muscles from other species – and can be used in many similar applications to the more highly prized saddle cuts with substantial savings.

Each muscle can be cut down into medallions, butterfly steaks or stir fry meat. Several of the muscles can be roasted whole, while others need to have internal silverskin removed before they can be cooked.

The muscles that make up the Denver leg are:

  • The Rump (aka Sirloin Butt)
    separated into two portions referred to as Rumps or Cushions
  • The Top Round (aka Topside)
    Separated into the Short/Side Fillet & Cushion
  • The Knuckle
    Separated into the Knuckle Eye & Cap
  • The Bottom Round (aka Silverside)
    Separated into the Eye Round and the Cap/Cushion

Applications: Roast or Sear Whole, Slice into Steaks.



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