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top sirloin steaks


top sirloin steaks
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Top sirloin steaks are the most affordable of the high end traditional steakhouse cuts. They have an excellent, full beefy flavor, but are the least tender of the premium steak cuts, with a satisfying “chew”. They’re also relatively lean and un-marbled.

Because the whole top sirloin is a large, solid muscle, these steaks can be cut in different shapes. Perhaps the most common are the filet-style (aka “baseball cut”, since they’re roughly the size of a baseball) steaks depicted in the photo above – rounded & thick. “Strip-style” top sirloin steaks can also be found on the market. They are cut into a rough approximation of the shape of a strip steak – long, thin & wide.

Top sirloin steaks can be cooked as you would other high end steaks. They particularly benefit from the tenderizing effects of being slow-cooked sous vide.

Applications: Sear, Broil, Grill, Roast, Pan Roast or Sous Vide.



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