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beef bone-in strip steaks


beef bone-in strip steaks
beef short loin section

Bone-in strip steaks are the less common bone-in version of a steakhouse & fine dining favorite cut. The strip steak is cut from the striploin (part of the short loin). Like boneless strip steaks, this cut offers an excellent balance of superb tenderness and great flavor.

The bone-in version is typically selected for its presentation benefits (the bone takes on a beautiful color and frames the steak nicely). The bone also helps insulate the meat closest to it, making it more flavorful & juicy than boneless strip steaks.

Strip steaks are often served with sauces, but also have enough flavor that they can be served simply seasoned with salt & pepper. They can be cooked as you would other high end steaks & bone-in version can be used similarly to boneless strip steaks in all recipes.

Applications: Sear, broil, grill, roast, pan roast or sous vide.



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