Wild Programs:

Some meats are marketed as wild, but are actually game species that are raised on farms. The programs listed on this page are truly wild harvested.

Wild Boar is an invasive species in Texas Hill Country. The boar cause extensive damage to the local ecosystem, so serving & eating them is actually good for the environment, as it provides financial incentive for their capture. All boar are humanely wild trapped.

Kangaroo is wild harvested in the Australian Outback via a tightly controlled government licensing program. Kangaroo harvesting performs an essential environmental service by keeping the kangaroo population in check, preventing a population explosion that would lead to environmental damage & mass starvation.

Alligator is wild harvested from swamps & rivers in the US.

Snapping Turtle is harvested from rivers in the US.

All wild meats must be processed according to USDA guidelines in inspected facilities.