Spanish Iberico Pork

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AENOR animal welfare certification for Aljomar
  • Legendary Spanish Breed World Renowned for Flavor
  • Pasture Raised Free Range
  • Bellota (Acorn-Fed) and Campo (Cereal-Fed) Programs Available
  • Natural Diet of Grain, Grass, Forage & Acorns
  • No Added Growth Hormones
  • No Sub-Therapeutic Antibiotics
  • Raised in Spain to EU Standards
You've heard of Iberico ham, now it's time to consider the whole hog.

Iberico pork rises to its reputation. Seared, grilled or roasted, the results are incredible - meltingly tender with ample marbling and a sweet, nutty flavor that's unmistakably delicious, yet also delicate.

This line also offers unique butchery. Spanish butchers cut pork differently - they know where to find the best meat. You may not have heard of the feathery end loin (pluma) or the intensely marbled cut from the shoulder called the “secreto”, but once you try them, you'll never forget them.

Iberico Pork (Pata Negra)

available cuts:
  • Tenderloin (Solomillo), side muscle off
  • Shoulder Muscle (Secreto)
  • Striploin, Boneless (Lomo)
  • End Loin (Pluma)
  • Shoulder Eye Muscle (Presa)
  • Baby Back Ribs (Tira Costilla Espinazo)
  • St Louis Spare Ribs (Tira Costilla)
  • Collar (Cabacero)
  • 11-Bone Frenched Rib Rack (Chuletero)
  • Belly (Panceta), raw, skin on
  • Back Fat, skin on
  • Rib Cover (Abanico)
  • Secreto Barriguera (Belly Filet)
  • Boneless Spare Ribs (Lagrimas)
  • Ground Meat
  • Trim

Iberico de Bellota

available cuts:
  • Black Label Jamon, bone-In
  • Black Label Jamon, boneless
  • Shoulder Eye Steak (Presa)
  • Skirt Steak (Secreto)
  • End Loin - (Pluma)
Kurobuta (Berkshire) Pork
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  • Well Marbled - The “Kobe Beef” of Pork!
  • 100% Berkshire Verified Genetics
  • No Growth Hormones
  • No Sub-Therapeutic Antibiotics
  • Raised on US Midwest Family Farms
Bred for Superb Flavor

While conventional pork has been bred to be low fat (and thus low flavor & prone to drying out), Kurobuta (aka Berkshire) pork is a heritage breed prized for its luxurious marbling. Compared to conventional pork, Kurobuta is much more flavorful, tender, and moist. It's an easy upgrade that requires no adjustments to chefs' recipes, but delivers superior results.

available cuts:
  • Tenderloin
  • Striploins, Boneless
  • 8-Bone Racks, center cut
  • 8-Bone Racks, tomahawk cut
  • Frenched Rib Chop
  • Porterhouse Chop
  • Boneless Shoulder Butt (Boston Butt)
  • Bone-in Shoulder Butt (Boston Butt)
  • Baby Back Rib, end portions
  • Hindshanks, hock off
  • Bellies, single rib
  • Caul Fat
  • Cheek Meat
  • Ground
  • Ham, boneless, halved, uncured & hickory smoked
  • Hot Dogs, natural casing
  • Hickory Smoked Bacon, sliced or slab
Texas Wild Boar
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  • Humanely Wild-Caught
  • Free Range & Wild Foraging
  • Robust Pork Flavor, Slightly Sweet & Nutty
  • Deeper Color & Tighter Grain Than Pork
  • Lean
  • No Hormones or Antibiotics
  • Can Replace Conventional Pork in Most Recipes
A Wild-Caught, Flavorful & Exciting Pork Upgrade

Wild boar meat is like pork, but with a more robust flavor, deeper color, and much less fat. Customers love its taste, tenderness, and exciting story. Frontier Meats wild boar is trapped in the wilderness of Texas Hill Country, where they are an invasive, aggressive, and destructive species. Traps are checked daily and trapped boars are processed into chef-quality cuts at a USDA-inspected facility.

Easy to Add to Menus

Wild boar is leaner than pork, so it cooks more quickly, but can still be used in most pork recipes. Chefs can pair it with either traditional pork or game meat flavors.

Full Range of Cuts for Roasting, Searing / Grilling or Braising

Whatever dish you want to prepare, there's a wild boar cut that fits the bill. We offer elegant frenched racks & bone-in legs for roasting, tenderloins for quick-grilling, or shoulders, bellies, stew meat, spare ribs, shanks & boneless necks for braising. Ground boar brings bold flavor to sausages, tacos, sauces, burgers, meatballs & meatloaf.

Whole wild boars are available via special order!

available cuts:
  • 8-Rib Frenched Racks
  • Tenderloins
  • Boneless Shoulders
  • Bone-In Legs
  • St. Louis Spare Ribs
  • Ground
  • Bellies
  • Boneless Legs
  • Boneless Necks
  • Stew Meat
  • Hindshanks
  • Whole
  • 4 Sausage Varieties

Red Duroc

Beeler's Pork logo
  • Humanely Raised
  • Free Range
  • Optimized pH for Juiciness
  • Marbling For Tenderness
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
Beeler's Pure Pork

Produced from European Red Duroc pigs (aka Danish Duroc or simply "red pig"), this heritage breed is known for its marbling, which yields tender and juicy meat.

For six generations, the Beeler family has nurtured the natural Duroc lineage of their pigs, combining their expertise in Old World animal husbandry with modern breeding methodology to produce wholesome, flavorful, all-natural pork products. No hormones, growth promotants or sub-therapeutic antibiotics are administered, and farrowing and gestation crates are never used.

available cuts:
  • Bellies, Skin On
  • Picnics, boneless
  • Frenched Rib Chops
  • Boneless Shoulder Butt (Boston Butt)
  • Cheek Meat
  • Bratwurst Sausages
  • Breakfast Sausages
  • St. Louis Spare Ribs
  • Hot Dogs, uncured, natural casing
  • Bacon Ends & Pieces, hardwood smoked
  • Hickory Smoked Bacon, thick sliced
  • Trotters, Shortcut
  • Ground Meat, 72/28 lean

Authentic Suckling Pig (Cochinillo de Segovia)

Tabladillo: Specialists in Cochinillo logo
  • A Spanish tradition for centuries
  • 100% milk-fed
  • Whole
available sizes:
  • 6.5 - 9 lbs.
  • 9 - 12 lbs.
  • 12 - 15 lbs.
  • 15 - 17 lbs.