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For five generations, the Marx family has been supplying America with fine meats.

Frank M. Marx immigrated to the United States from Germany.

1895 - They began selling meat in Brooklyn, NY that was bought in New Jersey

1900’s - The business and the Marx family settled in Shrewsbury, NJ where they opened an abbatoir and cattle dealing business.

1920’s - Frank passed the business on to his sons, Nathan and Martin Marx.

1940’s - After a heroic tour in WWII, Martin’s son Monroe, along with his brother George and cousin Milton, took the reins of the company and expanded the business into a retail butcher shop and wholesale meat distributor.

1970’s - Monroe’s son, Frank M. Marx entered the family business and grew the business into a large meat processor and distributor.

1991 - Frank Marx founded Marx Imports.

Today - Marx Imports sources the world’s finest meat products from many countries and distributes them throughout the United States. Frank Marx continues to run the business with the support of his sons, Justin, Keith, Garrett and their staff.

Marx Imports Mission

We are uniquely positioned in the meat industry to drive change from within in order to improve the health of animals, consumers and the environment while pursuing growth and profits. As such we measure our success not through a singular pursuit of profit, but rather through the enhancement of four “bottom lines:”

1) Our People and Our Community.
We strive to create a rewarding and satisfying workplace where our employees can pursue their growth and career goals. Consistent with our position in the food industry, our charitable giving focuses on supporting charities that feed hungry people in the communities in which we operate.

2) Farm Animal Health & Well Being. We endeavor to improve the lives of farm animals by developing, introducing and promoting meat brands whose animal husbandry practices are as progressive and natural as possible.

3) Environmental Health.
We seek to develop, introduce and promote meat brands that originate on farms that proactively mitigate their environmental impact.

4) Growth and Profit.
We are convinced that doing well and doing good are not mutually exclusive. Accordingly, we intend to earn a profit through our business activities while pursuing our other three bottom lines.